Blocking cam profile ...NP

Contractual profile

High-quality IKON blocking cam profile, special class SK6 with 6 active spring-loaded pin tumblers. This innovative profile is based on a long-term patent that was developed especially to deter current and common opening techniques, which it impedes significantly. The ...NP profile is a paracentric profile design offering DIN, VdS Home, optional VdS B certification in its standard version. The so-called blocking cams are arranged on both sides of the key shaft. These blocking cams are scanned in the locking cylinder by blocking cam or labyrinth pins resulting in particularly high unlocking, scanning and tamper-proofing security and enhanced key duplication protection.

Product description

  • 6 (+4) spring-loaded pin tumblers = protection against unauthorised opening
  • Paracentric blocking-cam key profile = unlocking security
  • Protected key profile with security card
  • Certification and identification meeting VdS★ (Home) or optional VdS★★★ (B, BZ) only for factory-keyed cylinders
  • Certification and marking in compliance with DIN 18252:2006, class 82*
  • Drilling protection class 2 (AB=2) and optional drilling protection class 3 (AB=3)
  • Double-sided locking option (GE=BS) = Emergency-key function
  • High level of protection against lock picking as a result of special profile design, combination of pins and additional locking rib detection
  • Key with square metal head
  • Key optionally with colour plastic pin (colours: blue, yellow, grey, green, red, black) – different key head colours for each lock on request
  • Customer logo stamping
  • Optionally available as a modular system (GBK=J)


  • * Intrusion resistance classes 1 and 2 or A and B require no pulling protection if the cylinder is used with drilling protection in combination with ES2 ZA class security fitting with pulling protection