Code Handle® Window

Matt, chrome plated

Article number: 492-W0----1----

EAN-Number: 4042203558137

Product description

  • Code Handle® is unlocked using a six-figure code using the number range between 1 and 4
  • Separate locking button
  • Up to 5 different (six-digit) user codes
  • Blocking function with repeated entry of an incorrect code
  • A combined administrator code/user code to enter, change and delete user codes
  • The beep can also be activated or deactivated with this code
  • The code is not impaired in ist function due to power failure/battery replacement
  • Operation with standard AAA alkali batteries
  • Battery life around 2 years/15,000 locking cycles
  • Supplied with M5 standard screws and security screws, as well as interchangeable spindle.
  • Meets DIN standard, 43 mm centres distance

Overview of Advantages

  • Interior locks on windows, balcony doors and patio doors
  • User-friendly locking without a key.
  • Can be locked in all 90° positions – even in ventilation mode for tilting and casement windows and doors.
  • High level of safety for children.
  • Elevated intrusion protection.
  • For the following areas of use: at home, daycares, schools, official offices, public buildings, retirement homes.
  • Simple mounting
  • No wiring necessary.


  • Additional lengths available on request
Technical data